About us



Who we are

Blue Ocean Containers is a renowned provider of high quality bulk packaging. We strive for competitive prices, while reducing the footprint of liquid bulk transport. As such, BOC stands for cost-effective bulk packaging solutions that are truly sustainable.

We unify the best for our planet with the best for your company. Our planet, your profit.

What we do

Our core activities include designing, engineering and producing IBC’s with superior performance – both during and after their entire lifecycle. Four key design drivers guide us towards maximizing our value to you.

  • Simplicity; Our solutions are as simple as possible, but not any simpler than that.
  • Supply chain optimization; Our specific design derives strongly from optimizing the packaging throughout the entire supply chain, not only at our customers, but also at handlers, storage, transport, unloaders, etc.
  • Prevention of unnecessary parts; (pallets, straps, shrink wrap, cardboard etc.)
  • Minimization in used materials; both in quantity (lightweight products) as well as the amount of different materials (100% polypropylene).

We take responsibility for the active collection of our IBC’s after their lifecycle. This makes it possible to reuse, refurbish and recycle components and materials, leading to a sustainable operation and products.