Our refund system


BOC’s services extend beyond the mere production of intermediate bulk packaging. We engage in a full-cycle approach.

Our products are fully designed and fabricated with a profitable, sustainable and hassle-free return option in mind. We take great care in collecting used products, in order to re-utilize materials and components to their fullest potential. Although not obligatory, many of our customers opt for this return program. 

Due to the low volume and weight of our products, they can be returned to BOC with minimal impact on the environment – and without high costs.
As the majority of our products are economically disposable after a single trip, we offer our customers the best of both worlds:

  • A single trip, high quality packaging method, removing the need to track and trace assets
  • Empty containers can be returned to BOC by anyone, or collected by one of our partners. For every returned container, a rebate will be paid by BOC