Sustainability is a defining aspect of our business operations and our products. Blue Ocean Containers offers an efficient and sustainable solution for transporting your product. The high degree of sustainability in our products is obtained through three key aspects: 5-R hierarchy of products or components, efficiency of our solutions and our support to different foundations.
Our sustainability policy is rooted in the the “3 R- hierarchy” of waste management: reduce, reuse and recycle. We extended this philosophy with a 4th and 5th R: “refurbish” and “remanufacture”. Within the range of sustainable methods, waste reduction is preferred the most and recycling the least, followed by unsustainable approaches such as throwing away any remaining waste. Our sustainability policy is deeply grounded within all the layers of the hierarchy:

Piramide 5-R BOC



Maximum transportation with minimal packaging

There is at least one thing on which bulk transporters and mother earth both agree: the less weight and space occupied by packaging, the better.
To maximize profit during transport, one wants to ship as much product while simultaneously reducing packaging weight to the bare minimum.
Our products are light weight and produced using a minimum amount of resources. Maintaining high quality, we enable you to ship more products while keeping all unnecessary parts at bay. 
In addition to filled transport, the transport of empty containers (new or used) requires a minimal amount of weight and space. These features made way for our uniquely profitable and easy return solutions to our products. 


Durable products

Every aspect of a Blue Ocean Container is designed with durability in mind. Most components can be proficiently reused after a single trip. In order to be able to reuse containers, customers can sell their used containers back to us, while we prepare the components for valuable future purpose. BOC truly brings durability and profitability together. For more information about our return model, see: 

  • r2sReturn to Sender

Blue Ocean Containers is an accredited member of the Return2Sender foundation. The goal of this foundation is to ensure reuse of material in a horizontal way. Instead of recycling materials into inferior products, they serve the same high-quality purpose for which they were originally intended. Waste material from Blue Ocean Containers products will be reused in other Return2Sender products.

  • Carbon footprintcarbonfootprint

As a partner of Contraload, Carbon Footprint Ltd., is currently developing a tool which allows to compare the carbon footprint of many load carriers. This tool will give customers the opportunity to obtain an objective overview of the carbon-performance of our products, compared to other products for their specific journey (An online version of this calculation tool will be made available online soon, please check our news section regularly).