VEGGY65-CP9; Breathable IBC for vegetables, low version, container size

The VEGGY65-CP9 is a specially designed intermediate bulk container for transporting fresh produce like fruit and vegetables. This model is super efficient in transport, since its measurements (114x114x65cm) allow to stack 3 high in a HC container. Due to its perforated but strong design the products can breathe perfectly and experience great protection at the same time. It is designed to optimize easy and efficient handling throughout the whole supply chain, while being very sustainable at the same time. It is a packaging solution providing the best of both worlds, being both disposable (cheap and single use possibility) and returnable (sustainable and refundable).
  • Fully breathable sides and bottom
  • Easily erected and folded by one person
  • No wood, no cardboard, no metal
  • Capacity of 600 liters
  • Lifting with or without pallet
  • Easy handling with FLT, 4-way entry
  • Stacking up to 3 high in 40’ HC container
  • Perforation for perfect breathability
  • Less tare weight, more product
  • Stackable
  • Foldable to flat pack when empty
  • Single use container, no tracking of assets
  • Returnable and fully recyclable